Meadows Elementary School

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PTA Board Members



President and Co- President – K. Paralusz, P. Doumeng

VP Communications – A. McCracken, A. Murphy |

VP Fundraising – C. Pasula, V. Edwards

VP Volunteers – H. Schlehuber, A. Soof, S. Cramer, A. Kuo

VP Membership –  K. McNeill, Q. Febre, K. Rosenfeld |

VP Programs – M. Graeler, K. Paralusz, F. Harper

Sponsorships - E. Nickerson, S. Yazdi |

Treasurer – P. Doumeng

Financial Secretary – R. Samuels

Auditor – K. Luppo

Historian –  L. Bender

Parliamentarian - A. DeMartino

Recording Secretary – M. Atkins

Legislative Rep. – M. Nicolas

MBEF Liaisons – E. Klein, J. Remillard


If you would like to volunteer for a PTA Executive Board position for the next school year, please contact any of the current board members above.  Thank you!