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Student Store

Student Store

What is the Meadows Student Store and why do we have it?

The Meadows Student Store is a PTA-sponsored program that takes place approximately once a month during the school day. Not only is it super fun, but the Student Store also teaches kids the value of money, encourages good SKORR behavior, and lets them practice their burgeoning math skills in a “real world” store environment.

At Meadows Student Store, kids can purchase fun items such as themed pencils, stickers, pens, erasers, figures, small toys, etc.... using SKORR cards and/or their own money brought from home.

Items at the Student Store are priced between 1 SKORR card/$.10 and 20 SKORR cards/$2.

When does Student Store happen?

It happens over lunch break almost every month. Dates for the 2023- 2024 school year are as follows:

Wednesday, October 18th for TK/Kinder
Thursday, October 19th for 1st - 5th grade


Thursday, November 16th

Thursday, December 14th

Thursday, February 15th

Thursday, March 14th

Thursday, April 18th

Thursday, May 23rd

This way you can be sure your student is ready to go with their SKORR cards prepared and at school for the day of Student Store. It will take place outside the Meadows cafeteria.

TK/Kinders: They have their very own smaller version of Student Store. This takes place outside one of the TK/Kinder classrooms near their playground area.

TK/Kinder Student Store operates on SKORR cards only (no cash) and has a maximum number of items students can purchase.

What are SKORR cards and how does my child use them at Student Store?

SKORR cards are certificates given to students by teachers, aides, staff, and PTA committees as a reward for showing Safe, Kind, On task, Responsible, and/or Respectful behavior. They have a monetary value of 10 cents when used at the Student Store.

It’s my child’s birthday month! Do you do anything special?

Yes! If your child lets us know, we’ll give him/her a special “Happy Birthday” pencil to celebrate. Those with a birthday in a month that we are not in school can receive it at our last Student Store of the year in May.
If you have any questions or would like to volunteer at the Student Store, please contact Lara Bender (l[email protected] and Andrea Golovko ([email protected]).