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Student Programs » Makerspace 2022-2023

Makerspace 2022-2023


What is Makerspace?

All K-5 students have Makerspace time each month - the first step towards a STEM pathway. Makerspace helps prepare students for any situation by teaching flexible habits of mind. We cannot predict what will challenges lie ahead in the next 5 years. Using the engineering design process, Makers use empathy to solve problems for the sake of others and develop intrinsic motivation, resilience, and critical thinking skills.

How can we help?

Get involved! Sign up to volunteer. Like our Facebook page. Visit our Website. Share photos of projects! Be a guest speaker. Donate Maker materials in the drop-off bin outside the front office – clean cardboard tubes, bottle caps, water bottles, cereal boxes, shoe boxes OR gift supplies from our Amazon wish list.

Program funded by MBEF.