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Fundraising » 2021 Young-At-Art Fundraiser

2021 Young-At-Art Fundraiser

Latest Update*

We have exciting news! We have received the custom catalogues from Square 1 Art, showcasing your child’s artwork.  Teachers will be distributing them in class – so please check your children’s bookbags and folders for the Square 1 Art catalogue. 

Once you have received them, you can browse through the product offerings. Ordering is as easy as scanning the QR code listed inside. 

Shipping is free if the items are ordered as part of the school order (all items will be delivered to Meadows and will be distributed before the break).  Should you choose to receive the items at home, shipping will be an additional cost. 

Please note that the deadline for orders will be November 15, 2021. This will ensure that you receive your orders before Christmas.

Thank you for your help and commitment!


If you have any questions, please contact Betty Chang( [email protected])

yaa fundraiser

Hello Meadows Parents,


It is time for our annual Young-at-Art fundraiser!  Like last year, we are partnering with Square1 Art.  For those of you who are new to Meadows, Square1 Art is a company that takes student artwork and turns it into a variety of keepsakes, such as mugs, blankets, magnets, totes, and much more. Our fundraiser will be 100% virtual. All funds raised will benefit our beloved Young-at-Art program at Meadows.


Each child will have received a piece of art paper in class. Teachers have allotted time for students to start their artwork during class time. However, students are also free to bring home any unfinished artwork to be completed at home. Please note that this template isn’t essential to do the fundraiser. Regular white paper cut to a 8x8 square will suffice, or you can download a copy of the Art Template from the Square1 website here. If your child wishes to complete their artwork at home, please note all important Art Requirements - ex: Use bold, bright colors, do not leave any white space, include signature/date at least 1 inch away from all edges of paper and more.  

Click the buttons below for instructions on the videos, and more art ideas.

Once every student has completed their artwork, teachers will collect their creations and drop-off their work to our YAA coordinator, to be picked up on or before Friday, Oct. 8.

The following are the Square 1 Art fundraiser instructions, key links, and important deadlines:


  • Student art should be completed and collected by teachers by Friday, 10/8/2021.
*Please ensure student’s first and last names are on every page*
  • Square1 Art will create and send the school custom order packets by 10/29/21. 
  • Packets will be distributed to parents and the deadline to order online is Monday, 11/15/2021 (this deadline is to receive items before the winter break).

Parents will order and pay online only. We are not collecting cash or checks. Note: shipping is FREE if items are ordered as part of the school order (all items will be delivered to Meadows and we will distribute before the break.  Everything should arrive well in advance of the holidays, so we encourage families to use this fundraiser as a great source of holiday gifts.  Like last year, parents may opt to have items sent directly to their homes (a must if they order past the deadline), but they will pay shipping.

You and your families may find this link helpful for any questions and for art