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Messages from our Principal

We are truly living in uncertain times, and while our resolve is being tested with the quarantined pandemic, our fears are being heightened by the social unrest happening around the country. It's frightening to watch the news of protests and violence across the nation and to see our neighboring stores that just recently opened already reinforcing their windows to protect themselves from the possibility of looting. How does this all translate to the social-emotional well-being of our families? Everyone processes these fears differently, so how might you bring up these discussions with your children? I think that if your children are expressing their fears to you, they are looking for reassurance, and they need to know how you will keep them safe in this world.

Books are one way to help bring up topics in a safe, non-threatening way. Please check out this booklist that our librarian, Mrs. Primm, shared with us.

.Book covers with the title "Children's Books for Anti-racist Activism" Click here for the link.

Other resources I am sharing come from Ayana Cadres and the school psychologists from the Wiseburn School District. We all have to help each other now, don't you think?


Some video resources include:
How to Talk to Kids About Race

“The worst conversation adults can have with kids about race is no conversation at all,” says author Jemar Tisby. “Talking to kids about race needs to happen early, often, and honestly.”
EmbraceRace! Raising a Brave Generation

The work of the EmbraceRace community has been recognized by NBC Universal's Erase the Hate campaign, along with 5 other organizations!
Talking to Children About Racism

In light of the recent tragic events, it’s important to discuss race and racism with children and teenagers to help them process what they see and hear. NYU Langone child and adolescent psychologist Dr. Yamalis Diaz discusses how these discussions can impact their relationships and provides parents with guidelines for these discussions.

We care about you and we know that this time will pass, but for now, all of these events have really rocked our world. Please reach out to me if your family is struggling.

Take care,

Michelle Krzmarzick
Principal of Meadows