Meadows Elementary School

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There is NO drop-offs behind the teacher parking lot on 12th St. Our 5th graders are doing a great job keeping traffic moving during drop-offs each morning on both the Rowell and Meadows entrances.
However, each side needs a parent chaperone for safety reasons to be with the 5th graders from 7:50-8:05. Please sign-up for a shift when your classroom is assigned, and please remember to show up for your shift. Our 5th graders cannot work when there is no parent chaperone present.
Thank you for helping to keep our drop-offs safe and efficient!! 
To help ensure the safety during morning drop off at Rowell Ave, the champions of character need one parent to assist each morning. Every class is assigned 2-3 weeks throughout the school year.
For details about Rowell drop off, click HERE.