Meadows Elementary School

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RUN CLUB NEWS - April update.

Meadows Run Club is a daily run club that meets Tuesdays through Friday mornings from 7:40 to 8am and is staffed by parent volunteers. Our goal is to build in our children an early sense of the importance of fitness with a positive and healthy opportunity for them to develop a daily routine of physical exercise. It is also extremely beneficial for children to "wake up" their brains before school starts. Regular before school exercise not only boosts students' fitness levels, but also helps increase attentiveness in the classroom. The Run Club season will end in late May. Students still have plenty of time to reach two marathons, which will earn them a spot at our super fun year end party! So come on out and join the fun! Also, be sure to check out Community Corner for local races - as participating in those is another way to add to your Run Club mileage. There are some great 5Ks coming up in April and May.
Note that kids that reach two marathons by the end of Run Club will be eligible to attend an awesome party at the end of the year! 
Meadows Running Club was founded by & is entirely operated by parent volunteers. If you'd like to help, please contact Jessica or Verena.