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Camp RAD-we have updated our camp sessions and moved all our camp dates


Hi there and hope you are having a great end of the school year! My name is Chris Chao and I teach at MBMS. We have a summer camp, Camp RAD, and we are trying to spread the word for our June/July sessions. Camp RAD is held at MBMS and is a particularly great way for new sixth graders to transition into our school, with summer academic review and fun activities. Feel free to spread the word for anyone you would think would be interested. Click HERE for more information, thank you!

Dear Parents,


Preparation is the key for a successful school year!  We are so pleased to offer this fun opportunity for our campers and students.  To better prepare them for the new school year and facilitate summer vacations, we have updated our camp sessions and moved all our camp dates to:


* Session 1: August 8th - 12th

* Session 2: August 15th - 19th


We feel the last two weeks of summer vacation and right before the school year begins would best facilitate maximum preparation and academic benefit for our students! 


For currently enrolled campers, filling out new registration forms is not necessary.  Simply, let us know which new session is your preference.  For new prospective campers, please let us know if you have any questions!


Please email all correspondence to Mr. Chao at  for session preferences (1 or 2), and for new registration information/forms.  

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