Meadows Elementary School

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Movie Night Success!


This event could never have happened without the dedicated help of our PTA volunteers! Thank you to everyone who helped make the day fun, safe and memorable! A special thanks to.... This event would not have been possible without the hard work of many hard-working volunteers! Thank you to all of you who helped plan and/or staff this memorable event! 

A special thank you to.... 

  • Emma MacEachern & Adrienne Silva - VP of Programs 
  • Jennifer Remillard & April Sparer McGrath- VP of PTA Membership
  • Jennifer Garrett - 5th Grade Concessions Stands Chair 
  • Lauren Coffman - Teacher Raffle Chair 
  • Carly Feingold - Sketchers Pier to Pier Walk Chair 
  • Jamie Eng - Food Truck Chair 
  • The Meadows Cub Scouts - Water Booth 
  • Lynette Boyer and Christina Gilchrist - Meadows Gear Chairs 
  • Set Up/Break Down Team - Bob Black, Steve Sullivan, Emily Ustick, Natalie Reardon, Gina DiCorpo, Alice DeMartino, Christy Ly, Emilee, Girvan, Susmita Patnala and Emma Hite 
  • Tara Tzrlin - VP of PTA Volunteers 
  • Manhattan Beach Police Department 

Thank you to Mrs. Krz, custodian Jack Moore and Isabel Giovati for their support and assistance in making this event possible!