Meadows Elementary School

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Important Back-to-School Information

We are thrilled to welcome all of our students back on campus for full-day instruction on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Schools will resume using their 2019-20 daily schedules, with all students expected to be in class for the full school day every day.
As you know, we have not yet left COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, and there are still significant numbers of new cases that we are seeing on an ongoing basis. Our priority is to make sure that students are able to continue to attend school in person, with a focus on regular daily instruction. That said, we will continue to utilize a number of precautionary measures as part of a safe return to school.
The MBUSD Back-to-School letter contains: Covid-19 safety guidelines and requirements on school campus, screening testing prior to the start of school and testing locations in South Bay. The complete letter can be found HERE.
Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) have been posted to our website and you can find them HERE.