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Dear Meadows Community,

I hope that all of you Meadows Mothers enjoyed a beautiful, quarantined Mother's Day. Mine was sweet, touching, and quite different from past years. I think a change of scenery would be welcome, right?

Staff Appreciation Week

I want to be sure to tell you that last week's Staff Appreciation was a hit! Many teachers and staff members reached out to me to tell me that the caring words, videos, and Zoom sessions brought them to tears with all the kindness that was showered upon them. From the creative Zoom themes, to the lawn signs, to the credit line to Grub Hub, and to the other meaningful and touching ways the community reached out to our staff, your appreciation was well received!

Megan Gong was a force in making sure that every staff member was reached. She created this beautiful video to honor our staff. We loved seeing students and the beautiful chalk work in the video. Thank you, Megan, for all of your planning and hard work. Your efforts went a long way in making our staff feel loved. I want to give a special shout out to the parents who drove and delivered the yard signs to our staff members' homes: Erica Miranda, Tracy Lewis, Kathleen Paralusz, Vicky Edwards, and Lara Bender. Thank you! I also want to give thanks to all of our room parents who kept the classes informed of upcoming activities so that no one was left out. You did a terrific job!

School Board Meeting

If you missed the School Board meeting last Wednesday, here is the link to the video. Very near the beginning of the meeting, our PTA Presidents, Patricia Doumeng and Kathleen Paralusz, are honored with a tribute by me. (I have no idea why my video did not appear with my audio). Not much goes down at Meadows without first going through this dynamic team, who are always quick to ask, "What can PTA do to help?" I am so grateful for their teamwork and leadership skills!

During this meeting, the board decided that schools would remain closed for the rest of the school year. Also, grading on report cards was decided: elementary schools would not be placing any scores on report cards for this last grading period. In lieu of scores, comments would be written.

Renovation News

I hope that you received my news last week about our school renovation date being moved up to May 26th. This date change means that teachers must prepare to move out of their classrooms within the next two weeks. Many of them will start packing this morning. You should expect communication from your child's teacher about dates that s/he will be unable to present live Zooms or give timely feedback on assignments because they will be at the school, packing up items. Some of you have contacted me about helping your child's teacher pack. Unfortunately, this is not an option. Staff members will be entering the school with restrictive measures in place to decrease any possibility of spreading the virus. The most that I can ask from you at this time is for your understanding and patience with this process.

A Thank You video from Meadows Staff to YOU

You may be feeling disconnected from the school right now, but don't despair! Our staff is just a few keyboard clicks away and very much thinking about YOU. Please do yourself a favor and watch this video slideshow of our Meadows staff. You will recognize many smiling faces, I'm sure. Click here to see our video tribute. You are loved!


I will keep you updated on any news that comes up, since so many things still need to be worked out before the school year ends. In the meantime, stay safe, Mustangs!


Michelle Krzmarzick

Principal of Meadows