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Dear Parents,

It seems as if the world as we know it is changing daily, and I wanted to touch base with you today on a few important things. First and foremost, be assured we are doing our very best to maintain a sense of normalcy and calm at school. Kids have many questions, and we are doing our best to care for them academically and emotionally. Dr. Matthews has been in communication with parents via his updates, and we are currently advised that schools will remain open. With that being said, we all know that there are schools around the country closing, and in Dr. Matthews’s letter, he advised parents to prepare for a future closure, so we are preparing students by exposing them to some online resources we have in place should this possibility become a reality. Here are a few things you as parents can do to prepare yourself, as well.

  1. Make sure that you have all links and passwords to online accounts that your child’s teacher uses.
  2. Make sure you have a device, preferably with a keyboard, to which your child can have access. 
  3. Have a printer and ink available for home use, if possible.
  4. A supply of books and games.
  5. Patience.

Tomorrow is Friday. In the event that a call for school closure happens in the near future, we would like to send students home with materials they may need tomorrow in their backpacks. They may bring them back on Monday, and that would be fine. It just feels prudent to be overly prepared at this time. Please also know that if a closure is called, each grade level team has prepared a contingency plan of action for all families.

In the case of school closure, you will be receiving an email from your child’s teacher that will include:

  • How you will be communicated with by the teacher during this school closure.
  • How students will communicate with the teacher during closure.
  • The times you or your child can reach out to the teacher.
  • Resources your child will be using.

Possible Online Resources

We have several online programs that various grades are using this year.  All of these resources are available at school and AT HOME.   *Here is some important info, however please know that classrooms teachers will be sending more specific information in the event of a closure.

For K-1st: Students have passwords for Raz Kids (Kids A to Z) and Lexia/Core 5.  Various learning apps are available on the iPAD and recommendations will be sent.

For 2nd grade. – Students will be using Raz Kids, Freckle, Lexia, Extra Math, and more. Your teachers will contact you for more info.

Each student in grades 3- 5 has a Google I.D. and password.  It follows this pattern:  2 digit graduation year. For example..4th graders is:  The students have been given their individual I.D’s and passwords by their classroom teacher. If your child does not know his/her password, email your teacher. 

Google Classroom (gr. 4-5):  Classroom is another online resource that students will be using to complete various assignments online. To get started follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your Google account
  3. Click the 2019-2020 school year
  4. Find assignments given by your teacher

Scholastic News:  This program allows students to read the current issue of Scholastic News online and complete assignments related to the issue.

To get started follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Search grade.
  3. Click on the assigned issue – Teachers will issue
  4. Enter the classroom password: Teachers will issue.

STEMSCOPES In the event of a closure, STEMSCOPES will be working with our teachers to provide online STEM education for grades K-5.


My quote for the day was, "Action cures fear." We aren't scared. We're prepared.


With gratitude for your support in these challenging times,

Michelle Krzmarzick

Principal of Meadows

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