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Young at Art is a non-profit organization that was started by a handful of parent volunteers in 1982 serving a few classes at Pacific School. This amazing program has grown to over 350 parent volunteers and is now serving over 7,500 Pre-K to 8th grade South Bay students at 13 schools. 

Our theme for the 2018-2019 year in art is "Creation".  To create is meaningful and necessary to life. We each may have differing levels of need to create, but everyone does experience a sense of success in the simple act of being creative. Creativity leads to productivity, which leads to feeling accomplished, which lends to the overall feeling of happiness and pride in what we can do or add to this world. CHEERS to a year of ‘CREATION’.

Young at Art encourages creative and mental growth through meaningful art experiences in a non-judgmental environment, offering quality art materials and a focus on the process & utility of art media.

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“Differences are what make art interesting.”

Regina Patton & Marisa Checa
Young at Art Program Directors 

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