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Young at Art is a non-profit organization that was started by a handful of parent volunteers in 1982 serving a few classes at Pacific School. This amazing program has grown to over 350 parent volunteers and is now serving over 7,500 Pre-K to 8th grade South Bay students at 13 schools. 

The theme for the 40 th year is Embolden. We, as a community, are experiencing new landscapes that raise a need for courage in each of us to grow, evolve, and rise to our highest potential. 

In this time of need...a need for a sense of normalcy, a need for a sense of familiarity, a need for encouragement, structure, predictability, and security... Young at Art will continue to be available to our community with an effort to embolden each of us to live free of what limits us from fully realizing our highest potential, personally and for humanity. 

There is another fabulous year of art enrichment planned for our children. This wonderful program was created and is sustained by our volunteers, whose unwavering dedication and commitment are the foundation of Young at Art.

What to expect this year from Young at Art

  1. Each project is scheduled for release in order and timing of the normal workshop schedule, for example, Project 1 is set for October.
  1. Files for each project will be available to view one month before each Project’s release. So Project 1 releases in October, so files are available in September. Parents & students can start looking at the supply list and lesson plan in preparation of the next project in case they want to plan purchases or timing.
  1. The Project Lesson Video will be posted by the first day of the month it is scheduled to be released, so Project 1 will be available by October 1, 2020. (however project 1 is complete and ready to view as an example of how everything will work)
  1. Whole families are encouraged to do the projects together and we all will have access to repeat the projects during the school year as we would like...because practice improves skills and it is so enjoyable.
  1. Our entire Young at Art community is encouraged to share their work in the Young at Art Share Gallery...directions on adding artwork to the gallery are available on the share gallery site on the Project Information Page of the YAA website!
  1. We will communicate with school populations with the onset of each project through school chairs, PTA/PTO, room parents, & teachers to remind parents and students that another awesome Young at Art project is available for their enjoyment.

Everything you need to know is on our website:

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Regina Patton & Marisa Checa

Young at Art Program Directors

Project of the month: Ludicrously Odd Fantastical Freeforms

As our community landscapes become more industrialized, filled with geometric man-made shapes, and students' days are carefully planned to a T, this project highlights organic shapes for fun, spontaneous mark-making, with an emphasis on the process but whose outcome is a glorious freeform that couldn’t have been planned. Students will discover the calming and uplifting benefits of doodling as they draw and doodle organic shapes, embracing mistakes, using Sharpies to fill in their freeforms with organic textures and patterns where lines explode into weaving waves of wiggles, dots and bubbly poofs!

Project Video:

Project information:

Estimated time to complete project: 30-120 minutes (depending on the student and their interest in the project)

Mess Index 1 = not messy - 10 = very messy: Project 1 is a 3 for markers and a 5 for sharpie & watercolor

Supervision index 1 = almost none needed - 10 = a lot needed: Project 1 is a 3

Tips for Parents and Caregivers:

For more information please check out the Young at Art website at

If you have any questions, please e-mail Gretchen Chamberlain