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Events » Valentine's Day Events

Valentine's Day Events

Join All the Festivities at Meadows:
1. Valentine's Day Video Challenge from Mrs. Krz:
  • Please watch this short video that challenges families to send a short video (about 10-15 seconds) to Mrs. Krz of a student sharing what they love and why.
  • Our Student Council will make a weekly video installation to be shared in our Monday Message from Mrs. Krz.
2. Meadows' Valentine's Tree:
  • Do you remember our Gratitude Tree? Well, it is getting busy growing a little love these days. Come be part of the Valentine's spirit!
  • Please stop by the front of the school along Meadow's Avenue and check out our Meadows' Valentine's Tree. We'd love to have you share something you love about Meadows or any other message of love... and watch the love grow!
Valentine's Tree
valentines tree filled