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Fundraising » Meadows Read-A-Thon

Meadows Read-A-Thon

Join your classmates for the all-school Meadows Read-a-thon!


Meadows 2022 Read-A-Thon is live! 

Have you signed your child up for the Read-A-Thon yet? Don't miss out!! It's so easy to set up your account and get sponsors: 

  1. Visit and enter the code 287133 (or simply scan the QR code on the sign up sheet your child brought home from school)
  2. Reach out to sponsors right from your page. Anyone who texts at least 10 people is entered into a raffle for four tickets to Disney!
  3. Make sure your kiddo reads - a lot! And logs their hours as they go. Every minute of reading from May 16 - May 27 (8 pm) counts!
  4. Watch your child and their class collect fun prizes just by hitting the books. 

Recommended by 10/10 Mustangs!:


Last year, Mustangs raised almost $17,000 for our school library, just by hitting the books. Let's beat that this year!

Need more books to read? 


Scholastic Book Fair is here! Students will be able to shop during lunch recess and after school! For the week of May 16th to the 20th, parents will be able to come on campus after school to help buy books for their kids! Get the e-wallet account set up for your kids so they don't have to carry around cash and coins! Go to our Scholastic website click HERE, scroll down to the e-wallet banner, sign up your child and add money to their account for an easy and cashless experience!