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Student Store


The Meadows Student Store is a PTA-sponsored program where 1st through 5th grade students can purchase fun pencils, pens, erasers, folders and small toys, using SKORR cards and/or their own money brought from home. Items at the Student Store are generally priced between 10 cents and 1 dollar.


Student Store typically takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month (dates change sometimes due to holidays, other school events, etc.) and is held in the Meadows cafeteria during lunch. Be sure to check the Mustang Minute and Meadows website calendar for any changes to this schedule!

What are SKORR cards and how does my child use them at Student Store?
SKORR cards are certificates given to students by teachers, staff and PTA committees as rewards for doing something special. They have a monetary value of 10 cents when used at the Student Store or at Friday Ice Cream events.
Another popular option is to submit the SKORR card for an entry in the SKORR raffle.

It's my child's birthday month! Do you do anything special?
Yes! If your child lets us know, we'll give him/her a special "Happy Birthday" pencil to celebrate. Students with September birthdays can get their gift at the first Student Store in October. Those with summer birthdays will receive it at our last Student Store in June.