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Parent Corner » Morning Valet - Rowell Drop Off Zone

Morning Valet - Rowell Drop Off Zone

Rowell AM Drop-Off Volunteer Sign Ups

Thank you for signing up to support our kids and help with the Meadows drop off zone. If we each do a small part, we can ensure that the drop off zone is well managed and safe for all. Please sign up for a morning shift during your class’ assigned week.

Drop off Procedure:

  1. Pick up safety vest hanging from fence in the drop off zone on Rowell.
  2. SMILE! Open the door.
  3. Ask the parents to put the vehicle in park and wait for them to do it, telling them that it’s for the child’s safety.
  4. Tell the parents that you are there to assist the children getting out of the vehicle and then proceed to help the child exit the car.
  5. Ask if they have everything they need, and if so tell the parent something like “have a great day!”, close the door and go on to the next vehicle.

General Rules:

  1. Always have the child exit on the passenger side and not the driver side.
  2. Tell the parents that this is a drop off zone and not to park and/or leave the vehicle.
  3. Always be friendly and helpful.


LOCATION: Rowell Ave. Drop-Off Area