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The Meadows Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt is back ….

Join your friends from the four other Manhattan Beach elementaries for the first ever !

MB Fab 5 Gratitude “Wild” GooseChase, kicking off Thursday, November 11th.  


The GooseChase is an app-based scavenger hunt reminiscent of Amazing Race and was enjoyed by many of our schools last year.  For this upcoming GooseChase, each school will run their own match, but all five elementaries will be competing in the same missions and visiting each other’s schools during the course of the competition.  This feel good GooseChase also provides a chance to give back by donating food, books and clothes!  Garner points for running into a team from another school, overcome brain challenges, enjoy going around town and have laughs.


The event will be held over the period of November 11th to November 14th.

Please follow the instructions below to sign up and create your team. Missions will be released at the start of the event.